Professional Association

The Professional Association of the National Institute for the Psychotherapies (NIPPA) is an essential part of the NIP community, providing a wide range of programs for career development, continuing education and networking as well as support for the broader goals of NIP. NIPPA was founded in 1982 and has grown from an informal group of graduates into an influential organization consisting of NIP alumni, trustees, board members, program directors, supervisors, faculty and candidates.


NIPPA membership provides a variety of benefits that support the growth and development of individual members as well as the NIP community. Among these are the NIPPA directory (a great source for referrals) and significant discounts for NIP & NIPPA events throughout the year. In addition, members receive a subscription to Psychoanalytic Perspectives and may subscribe to the NIPPA listserv, which links the community through email.

NIPPA offers Full and Associate Memberships, as well as reduced fees for recent graduates and current candidates. Membership fees support NIPPA programming,


NIPPA offers many exciting academic programs throughout the year. The Annual Fall Colloquium and Brunch is a widely anticipated and well received academic and social event. It features a presentation by a member of the NIP community on a topic of contemporary clinical significance, in the setting of an informal brunch. The warm atmosphere allows for lively discussion, community building and networking opportunities,

NIPPA also presents the Focus Series, a sequence of Sunday morning seminars presented through the academic year. This offers members the opportunity to present original papers, works in progress or compelling case studies in an intimate collegial setting.

We've recently introduced a Friday evening Case Presentation Series as well, to foster clinical dialogue and community development among analysts at various stages of their careers. 

NIPPA social events offer opportunities for members to network and play with outings like picnics, dinner dances, theater parties and wine-tastings.