NIP is on the move!

Where is NIP moving to?

NIP has worked very hard to find a beautiful new home for the institute. Under the guidance of board member Ellen Fries and NIP’s Executive Director Laura Osinoff, NIP has signed a 15 year lease for a new home at 71 W. 23rd Street in the Masonic Hall, a Flatiron fixture since 1873. NIP’s offices will take up most of the 14th floor. The Masonic Hall is a beautiful, landmarked, Beaux Arts building with views of NYC/Hudson Yards. Anyone can take a tour of the building. The location is very accessible to transportation.

A key advantage of the location is that a good deal of the space exists in a way that works for NIP. NIP has hired an architect and a general contractor to configure the site to NIP’s specifications. The new space is 13,000 square feet (2,000 sq. feet less than current space). However, NIP will have the same number of treatment rooms, 18, and 10 rentals. Should treatment center demand increase NIP may be able to take additional space in the building and/or utilize some of the rentals. Many of the treatment rooms, and one of the two classrooms have windows; the other classroom is large enough to hold CE events. The new location will also have staff offices, four waiting areas, a candidates lounge with a seating area and work stations, and an intern space, similar to the way NIP is set up today. Bathrooms are located in the hallway. NIP will no longer have a dedicated library, but the Mason’s library is located on the 14th floor and is open to the public. Security is a card/turn-style system, people coming for the day will have to check in and there are 4 elevators.

When is NIP moving?

The move is scheduled for the last week in August, 2019. A tremendous amount of work has to happen in advance both in the new location and at NIP to make the transition. It is a very tight schedule and NIP will be calling on the community to help with various tasks associated with the move to NIP’s new home. The move itself is anticipated to take a week. NIP is likely to shut down the week before the move and the move will happen over the weekend. NIP plans to “match” reserved patient rooms to the new space in advance to minimize disruption of treatment schedules.

NIP has back-up plans in place if things do not go according to plan. NIP’s lease at 250 W. 57th Street does not end until November 30th which provides a cushion, e.g., it is possible that instead of delaying the start of classes, classes may be held at 250 W. 57th Street if need be.

NIP advises not informing patients until we are about three months away from the move, e.g., May time-frame, but will provide a handout for you to walk through with patients. All of these matters will be considered in an ongoing manner to account for changes and new information. We will send out progress reports, like this one, regularly to keep our community members informed.

Money Matters

NIP is doing well financially and can cover the rent. However, the move itself will be very expensive and is being done on a tight budget. The board has worked hard to raise $100,000 and the NIP Development Committee is planning to hold a series of fundraising events to get it matched and to grow the community. Events will include a gala, a “Get to know NIP” evening, as well as a Continuing Education celebratory evening for supervisors, students and faculty on May 17. Money from the Treatment Center is also a factor in helping offset the cost of the move.

One key advantage of moving to this location is that the Masonic Lodge is a non-profit organization which means that NIP will not have to pay real estate taxes which were costing over $100K per year.

The Future of NIP

The move will be a challenge, but it’s one we are ready to face and it will position us well for the future.


Please direct your move questions to:

Chuck Finlon
Ellen Fries
Laura Osinoff

Written by Valerie La Susa, LMSW, NIP Candidate 2021